This is a site of WAFFL Blood Bowl League. What is the WAFFL? Simply put, the Western Australian Fantasy Football League. The site focuses on the Blood Bowl aspect, and will be home to all of the sanctioned WAFFL Blood Bowl leagues, such as, but not limited to, the West Coast League, KBBL and HBL.

Each of these leagues will have their own rules, which must be adhered to in order to take part in that league. By signing up for any league on this site, you agree to all conditions imposed by that league's Senior Commissioner.

Coaches without Borders

The WAFFL is not aligned with any physical location or club. For the greater part, the WAFFL exists to provide a communal hub for coaches to come together online to manage their shared hobby.

Having said that, we do love when coaches share their hobby and play at clubs. It helps to promote the game with other like minded players who may be interested.

When considering playing at a club, we strongly suggest that you get in touch with somebody from the club to ask about open times and days. The WAFFL does not wish to speak on behalf of these clubs, so we are not in a position to advise on which clubs are open on which days.

We can advise that there are some good places to check - I'd Crit That tend to use the boards at crit.boards.net whilst other clubs such as KRAGS and PNH use Facebook.


The Triumvirate:
WAFFL Administrator: Watto
WAFFL Head Commissioner: frostie
Commissioner of Compliance: Brunificus

League Senior Commissioners:
Bash & Flash League (BFL): DaBlackSkull
KRAGS BB League (KBBL): DaBlackSkull
Sth West Open BB League (SWOBBL): Ned Jerico
West Coast League (WCL): frostie

To join the site please contact the Head Commissioner [frosthammer73@hotmail.com]. To sign up with a league, please contact the relevant league Head Commissioner.


The 2021 Annual Registration fee is due 20th January 2021. A renewal communique was recently sent to all current WAFFL coaches.

If your coach account has been suspended, please contact the Head Commissioner re-activate your WAFFL Coach account.

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Jan. 20th, 2022 - old news
2022 Annual Registration Fee Due
2022 annual registration fee is due, all coaches who have not renewed their registration have had their account deactivated.

If you would like to reactivate your account please contact me via email - frosthammer73@hotmail.com
- frostie
Jan. 21st, 2021 - old news
Annual Registration Fee passed due
With the passing of the due date for payment of the annual registration fee, all coaches who have not paid to date will have their account switched to deactivated.

If you would like to reactivate your account please contact me via email - frosthammer73@hotmail.com
- frostie
Jan. 7th, 2021 - old news
A Brave New Sunrise

With the arrival of Blood Bowl Second Season (BB2020) and the changes to the rules, particularly the rosters/players, the WAFFL site is in the process of being updated to the new rules. This process will take a few weeks to be ready for team and league creation. Once things are ready to go, we will advise all our coaches.

Regarding the existing WAFFL teams, after reviewing our options it was decided that all existing teams created under the previous rule set (BB2016) will be permanently retired. With the changes to most team rosters and the advancement system, there would have been a great deal of difficulty in manually adjusting all our active teams. We will soon commence the retirement process and will endeavour to have it completed by 20th January 2021.

Yes, we acknowledge it is a sad time as we wave goodbye to our BB2016 teams, BUT now you will be able to create a new team under the new rules and you can use an old team name if you like. This reset is an opportunity to write new stories, shove those old bad teams down the memory hole, and create new WAFFL legends!

May Nuffle Bless Your Dice
The WAFFL Triumvirate
- frostie
Sep. 26th, 2020 - old news
Stand In Coach Option!
So, you need a stand in coach because real life has interfered with your particularly important Blood Bowl life. Did you know that you can have a secondary coach added to your team on the WAFFL site?

Indeed, you can nominate a second WAFFL coach to have access to the team on the site so that they can print match record sheets, etc for any game that needs them to stand in for you. Just contact your league commissioner to add the nominated coach to your team and once the arrangement is no longer required, ask the commissioner to remove the secondary coach.

Just remember, donít nominate frostie as a secondary coach Ė it will undoubtedly lead to the destruction of your team!
- frostie
Aug. 13th, 2020 - old news
Update about the future of the site
Hi Folks,

We have received the following message from the owner/creator of the site we use for the WAFFL about the leaked BB2020 rules and the site's future:
"Just to make things clear: Of course I plan on implementing the coming rules in code. So the new Pa-characteristic, the new upgrade selection procedure and so on will be part of the site. At the moment let's wait and see how much of the leakes ruleset will be comfirmed, before I start changing anything."

So, I take it as a good sign about the future of the site and the implementation of the BB2020 ruleset once released. We will update you further once more information is available but for now its just Blood Bowl and Chill until BB2020 drops in our laps.
- frostie

WCL Season 11 Champion
BFL Season 1

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