Thane of Thrones

Race:  Dwarf
Coach:  Watto
The 'Mad King' has been murdered and it is time to find a new King.

In typical Dwarven fashion, every Thane feels they should be King. However the right to be the new King has to be earned.

Dwarfs are well known for there love of Bloodbowl, being one of the first races to play the game. What better way to find a new King then through the game of Bloodbowl.

It was decided that Bloodbowl would be the vessel to decide who would be King and the first player to reach Legend status would be the new King to sit on the Iron Throne.

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Bulletin board from the coach
Mar. 19th, 2021 - old news
No Cacophony in the Throne room
Thane of Thrones have had a strong start to the new season with an elf like score line against the Chaotic Cacophony, winning the match 4-0.

The Thane started the match receiving, and despite some Solid Defence from the Cacophony, they were able to penetrate quickly into the backfield and get in a position for the early lead.

They started in a brutal fashion as well, with 3 casualties caused within the first 3 turns. The Thane did however suffer a casualty of their own when Cersei Lannister tried the Rush for a TD.

It was a strong effort after the first TD however that saw the Thane quickly recover the ball from the Cacophony and streak away downfield to lead 2-0 at the half.

Always down on players as the game went on, the Cacophony were valiant in their efforts to control the ball, however the Thane were persistent and relentless in their defence, twice more turning over the Cacophony to score another 2 TDs with the last right on the siren.
- Watto
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Free reroll awarded due to winning the BFL league

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